31 enero 2009

DanceStroyer: Love Sex American Express - CHRISTIAN MARCHI Feat. DR. FEELX

Futuro DanceStroyer / Future DanceStroyer

Hace unos meses os presentábamos la última producción del italiano Christian Marchi, We are Perfect, una canción que ha arrasado en diferentes países de Europa, entre ellos España.
Ahora se une a Dr. Feelx para producir otra auténtica rompepistas, "Love Sex American Express" que ya empieza a sonar en las radios de nuestro país y en el resto de Europa.
Some months ago we showed you the last production from the Italian DJ and producer Christian Marchi, We Are Perfect, a song that has got a big success around Europe, and Spain among them. Now he features Dr. Feelx in order to produce another song to break the dancefloors, "Love Sex American Express", which is beggining to sound in our contry and around Europe.

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Adamgv dijo...

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Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.

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